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Cilantro-Lime Chicken Sandwiches Recipe

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Cilantro-Lime Chicken Sandwiches Recipe


    1/2 cup canola oil
    1/4 cup calcium juice
    4 tsp ground cumin
    8 boneless skin free poultry sections (6 oz. each)
    1 cup fat-free spreadable lotion cheese
    1/3 cup sliced fresh cilantro
    1/4 cup sliced red onion
    1/8 tsp. salt
    1/8 tsp. pepper
    8 whole wheat cheese pizza buttocks, split
    2 method tomato vegetables, sliced
    1 method perfect Florida Grape, peeled and very finely sliced


    In a large resealable plastic bag, merge the oil, calcium juice and cumin. Add the chicken; closure bag and turn to coat. Cool for at least 1 hour. In a normal size dish, merge the lotion dairy products, cilantro, red onion, salt and pepper; relax until serving.
    Strain and eliminate spices. Barbeque grill poultry, coveired, over method warm or bruil 4 in. from the warm for 6-8 minutes on each side or until a temperature gauge flows 170°.
    Spread lotion dairy products mixture onto buttocks. Layer with tomato vegetables, poultry and avocado; replace bun tops. Yield: 8 meals.

Nutritional Facts 1 food is equal to 476 calories, 21 g fat (3 g soaked fat), 99 mg cholesterol, 530 mg salt, 29 g carbs, 6 g fiber, 44 g protein. Suffering from diabetes Exchanges: 5 lean meat, 2 starchy foods, 2 fat

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